Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Can you tell which baby is which? I mentioned how I had photographed Addy's older sister is the last post. It always amazes me how much siblings favor each other as newborns. I remember everyone saying how much mine favored each other and as a mom all I could see was their differences. I am sure that's how the moms of the newborns that I think favor each other so much see it too. But it is neat to go back and look at the old files. I see now that they don't look as much alike as it seemed when I met baby Addy the first time in the studio, but as you can see from these two sisters that the resemblances are remarkable.

The first images in this post is from the old files. This is baby Taegan.

This is baby Addy.
Taegan again (in Daddy's hand)

Addy in mommy's hand even the back of their heads look alike (Addy)
Can you guess which one?
The above imaes is Teagan and the below images is Addy.
In the case of these babies, I do think their mommy does think they look so much a like.

Neat stuff, uh?


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