Sunday, April 6, 2008



Here I am telling her to smile at the judges. That's so important!

All the girls lined up after the indivudial competion. As I posted this, I realized that I had photographed 4 out 7 of these girls at least I only know their names: Jaci, Sophie, Lillie, Charley and of course, Natalie. Natalie was first (she was number one...I think it was alphabetical order). I am glad she was first. I think she would not have had much patience in waiting her turn. She wanted to go out again after she had her turn. I think she really liked charming the judges. I had to actually hold her back from running back out on stage several times.

And there she is TINY MISS MAGNOLIA (18 mos. -- 35 mos.) age group. She was so proud of her trophie and "princess" crown. I love her express here. It so genuine. Not the cheeses we normally get. a proud Natalie and a proud Mimi: Thumbs up for daddy!
I love, love this one. She seems to be reading her newly aquired title and so proud of herself at earning this time. Who knows what she is really thinking...I wished I knew!
What a weekend this has been. Friday night I watched the other age groups (3-11) to have an idea of what to do with her hair and which dress to wear. Saturday morning was her competition. Saturday evening she was asked to come back for the final age group's competition so that the earlier winners could be presented on stage. It was fun, but quite stressful. I am glad it is over and I don't think she will be doing any more for quite a while. I really got into this when my daughter was around this age, but I just don't have the time and heart in any more. Our baby is beautiful and we don't need this kind of competition to know this, but it was definitley fun to win and to watch her have fun. If you would like to view more images from this pageant and preparing for the pageant, check out Natalie's blog.


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