Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I guess you could say that I came up with a new quote the day I did these images: "As soon as a new dad knows that he will become father to his own boy is the day that his dreams for him begins." I guess that could go for girls and moms or either parent. But I know from personal exprience, that daddies usually have big dreams for their little boys. I knew Colton's daddy liked baseball a lot because when I photographed Reagan's (Colton's sis) Newborn Session I rememberd a conversation about him assisting coach a local high school team. So I called his mom the day before the session and asked them to bring some of his daddy's baseball equipment. During that phone call, I learned that Colton's daddy also played college ball. I love this image and hope to do something like this of a future grandson of my own someday (not for a long time from now, but someday). I wanted to post this immediately after the session, but this image was used in their birth annoucements and I wanted them to have a chance to send out their birth annoucements first.

Who doesn't love a newborn smile?

Colton and his admiring family

everyone's hands

a kiss from big sister...
Isn't big sister adorable, too?

Okay, I went to the files again. Don't they look a lot alike too? The above images is Colton and the bottom image is Reagan. I think they are almost the same age within a day's difference.
Colton all dressed up.
Reagan's eyes open so that you can see the resemblances again.
It is so hard on parents with two (two years apart). Though it seems that two year old is so grown compared to the new baby, they are still so young and need a lot of attention...not to mention they are having to deal with sharing their world with that new sibling. When the 2 yr. old finally looks at the camera or whatever we were asking for, then baby moves and fusses. But I still think this is an adorabe image of siblings for such young ones.
I always love looking images.
The next few images are some of my favs from Baby Reagan's Newborn Portrait Session:

Reagan and Daddy... I love, love this one.
Reagan and her Mommy (doesn't get much sweeter than this).

I am so glad they chose this as their wall portrait.
And everyone loves my flower babies...especially a newborn flower babe.
Another baseball image of Colton...
And this was their birth announcement.

Keep coming back to look. I have some a few more images to post of Colton with his cousin.


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