Friday, May 1, 2009

"just babies": SPRING PROMOTION

"just babies" IS TOMORROW:
I know I am last minute confirming this. I have several booked from when I mentioned it several weeks ago here. I do have a few opening left for the day. Please call me at 318-757-7078 or email me at to book a session.
I apologize for the delay of posting this. I have been having headaches again and I have also had much going on including caring for my little sweetheart, Natalie. But I don't want to continue letting you down so I am scheduling sessions for this Saturday.

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Penny said...

Thanks for commenting. All of the kids at that school are a part of Shelbi's miracle. Without the love and support from them, she would never have been able to open up to them like that. The way those kids accepted and loved her since kindergarten is amazing and can only be possible through God and Christ. I'd love to get the opportunity to tell them all that.