Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sneakpeak of 1/2 year portrait: Eli (aka six-month portrait)

I so love this image (above). Click on it too a larger few of it so that you can see just how pretty...I mean--handsome his eyes are.

I am doing a quick edit before moving on to my other work from this session that I had this morning. This little guy had so many good photogenic and such an easy going baby, every photographer's dream. I was quickly going to post this last one, but for some reason, blogger (as good as it is) seems to post the images darker than they really are and his eyes just didn't pop in this image like they really do. So I had to give one more sneakpeak and as you can see he has such pretty blue eyes. As cute as his expression and the overall image, I felt like a sneakpeak would be so unfair without one that shows off his baby blues!
Enjoy these two for now. More to come soon.

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Amanda said...

Cutest baby I've ever seen :) Of course, I'm his mama, so I'm a little biased! Had a great time doing the session this morning! Can't wait to see all the images!