Monday, May 11, 2009

11th on the 11th....(my 211th post)

ANOTHER SNEAKPEAK FROM THE RECENT "just babies" PROMO Just for fun, comment and tell me if you recognize this little guy!
I was going to post this photo last night. I want to post a few images from the spring promo that took place on the 2nd. I want to post an image or two over the next few days as I start trying to do some catching up around (now that LSU finals are over)! Last night when I realized that this post would be my 11th post for May and that tomorrow (now today) would be the 11th, I decided to save it for today so that I could call it the 11th on the 11th. How ironical when I realized that it was my 211th post on this blog too! So this post of this handsome little guy is my 211th post to post since I started blogging for Jami Ainsworth Portraits and it is the 11th post of the month posted on May the 11th. So maybe today my lucky number is the 11th!

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nikkidecell said...

Hey Jami, you don't happen to know where the mom got his cute little outfit from do you? i love it & i'd like to have some picsof my 9 month old taken in one. any info is much appreciated! thanks!