Thursday, March 6, 2008


GINNER OF THE YEAR of the Southern Cotton Ginner's Association.

The above image is one of the photos that I took back in January for the article featuring Randy as Ginner of the Year for the Delta Farm Press. I wanted to do a link to it so you could see them, but I don't see the full article yet on their website. It appeared as a featured article in the magazine promoting the gin show. The magazine is usually a newspaper style magazine, but once a year for the gin show it is a regular glossy, standard magazine style. I think this is one they used, but now I am not sure. I took a variety of images for them to choose from: some in the gin, some in front of it, with a module truck, in the gin office with Buddy, even some in the cotton field at the tour business and even some of those with Natalie. Randy didn't think would use one with Natalie, but I wasn't surprized. Who could resist that adorable face? They used some of the images on projection screen. That's probably why I am including several of the images of him because of the images on the screen behind him.

Congratulations from Mr. Tim Price Executive Vice President of Southern Cotton Ginner's Association. Notice the images behind him. That's one in the gin with him leaning on the gin stand.

The next two you can see how nervous Randy was. I must admit I was nervous for him. He had an acceptance speech to give and he hadn't even practiced on his wife or family or at all as far as I knew. Well, much to our amazement, Randy gave one of the best acceptance speeches. I think it was the best, but I probably never paid that close attention to the others in the past. So in all fairness, I will call it one of the best. Needless to say, I had tears of pride streaming down my face. Of course, I had to include this one with Randy holding Natalie (in the cotton field at Frogmore Plantation) in the background especially since I can't link you to the article right now. Maybe they will get it up on their website and I will be able to do that later and yes, she is "cheezing it" and this is one of the images theychose to use for the magazine. She is wearing her denim overalls. It just makes it all the cuter that they are her LSU overalls!
The family behind the photographer. Well this is everyone except B. She had a ball tournament and coudn't come on this trip. We missed her, but we understood. The people who provide my husband with the opportunity to grow as a ginner, the Tanners.
The formal photos: the photographer with the ginners (actually they have other titles too like President of the Association and executive vice-president). I am not sure how I ended up in this one!

The ginners of Tanner & Co~ Randy with Lynette & Buddy Tanner...

The Ginner and his family: Our family was there to support him. We were very proud! Natalie and I must have been the most proud---we semed to have the biggest smiles. What is it about guys and those smiles w/o teeth? I have observed this for a quite a while and I have noticed that most boys start smiling like that around the age of two.

Couldn't let this post be finished without a few of our baby!
These two were shot before our last formal. Well, it was a semi-formal luncheon where Randy's gin and several others received safety awards. I will add a few more of her from this on Natalie's World. She is wearing a cute smocked jumper set that she received as Christmas gift from her Aunt Maria and Uncle Danny for Christmas. I love dressing Natalie cute from head-to-toe and this provided an opportunity for Natalie to wear some of her winter clothes. Often, I prefer to stay in with her during the winter (after the holidays when it is cold and yucky outside) thus she doesn't get to wear her pretty clothes often enough.

Of course, she is cheesing it up, but I am just glad that she is cooperating and actually looking at the camera. LOL We had a great trip to Memphis. We were planning on taking Natalie this year anyway...before the whole family decided to come to support their dad, "ginner of the year". We felt like she would enjoy everything. We all had a good time visiting as a family. Natalie was so well behaved at all the events and special dinners. I was so proud of her for that. You never know what dinner will be like with 2 1/2 year old. Cari enjoyed shopping. Cameron enjoyed visiting with his dad and I know he beamed with pride while haning out with his dad. Randy enjoyed all congratulations and compliments on his speech. Of course, as a mom I always enjoy spending time with my family away from home when others are cooking and cleaning.

Natalie also enjoyed meeting the Peabody ducks, seeing the gin show and her big highlight seeing "Go, Diego, Go" Live and the carriage ride back to the hotel after the show. I will try to post more of her activities to her blog soon.

But that's it for now. I must get back to work. I have a session in a little while and then lots editing, ordering and tax stuff to do. So it's back to work for me. LOL ~~jami



theglenns556 said...

The B&W pic is one of my all time favorites. LOVE IT!!!!

Miss Mouth of the South said...

That is my brother and I am so proud of him. Love the pic's Jami.