Thursday, November 6, 2008

ADRIANNA...finally a newborn girl

Adrianna in my new prop (a hat box)... I love the way newborns curl up and fit into little things like hat boxes and how much more precious wearing cute flower headband (another new prop). I love cool props and cute baby of the many things l love about photographing babies.
And also love how relaxed and unaware of their surroundings, when they are in that deep state of sleep...though sometimes I have work for is so worth it!

Her mommy just loved this headband (hers). So I knew she would love to see it too!

I worked on Baby Adrianna's birth annoucements today since I can't do a lot of window changing right now with my computer problems. I couldn't resist using one of my new designs for Christmas for a birth annoucement too as you will see in the next too images.

I couldn't resist putting this image with annoucement. Looks like they were made for each other (the image and the design).
I usually post more and if time permits, I may add more later from this session, but it's that time of the year that's going to get crazy and I wanted to post these now since I already had them ready from doing the birth annoucments.
Don't forget to scroll down to read all about the upcoming Christmas Promotion!

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The Ainsworth Family said...

i love all of her photos.
especially the hat box-adorable.