Thursday, November 6, 2008


(a nice vertical card--great for shades of green)

[This one would be good to use from a regular portrait session as well as Christmas. As you can see it was great to use with this image from their engagement session.]

Okay, I know I over-did-it again...too many choices. I just get so carried away trying to give variety and multiple choices of vertical, horizontal and multi-image greetings. When I was working on these the first time, I accidently deleted these and I still do not know how to go back and add an image anywhere other than the top. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS WITH BLOGGER, PLEASE LET ME KNOW...IT SURE COULD COME IN HANDY!

I am still having some major computer problems. The computer guy is coming tomorrow. I did manage to get all this Christmas Card samples ready for your view (these and the ones from the previous post). I also spent a good portion of my day doing some birth annoucements since I am running a little behind again. So stay patience...

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