Wednesday, November 26, 2008


BAYLEE IS "tutu" cute!
Okay, I didn't get a baby to do my tutu cute portraits with my Christmas tutus, but I got a beautiful toddler. Actually, I knew I had this toddler coming while she and her parents were in town for Thanksgiving. I had more this tiny tutu for infants and I have a new larger one too. But Baylee is built like my little Natalie and I knew she could pull this off, probably better than the larger size. And as you can see....and I will say it againg--"TUTU CUTE"!

Baylee doesn't get the whole "dress-up" thing yet and she wasn't too fond of the tutu at first, but I am so glad that we got her mind of it so we could capture these.

Well, it's not even Thanksgiving, but the Christmas Portrait season has definitely been underway for a while now. I will be having a LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT PROMOTION, December 6, 2008. I will try to post more about this before I leave for Thanksgiving...if I don't get around to it...and you know you are interested, please email me @ so that I can send you an email with more information.
(just in case I don't get to post again)

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Baylee's Mommy said...

My my my..what a GORGEOUS toddler ;) They came out awesome! Thanks again so very much for getting us in the day before Thanksgiving!