Thursday, November 6, 2008


Card _01 (a favorite from last year)
(two cards from last year combined to create a new one...I created it for Casey)

(a new modern style...great for black and white images or anything...this is a squre 5x5 and I did find out recently that 5x5 costs a little more than 5x7 to mail...check with your local post office...I know it doesn't make since)

(a different color scheme for Christmas, but so perfect for a baby girl)

(again a different color for holiday, but perfect with snow in mind or new baby boy)

(for some reason I love this one and the next simple, but elegant)

(the LSU version)

(a little different style with two images--a long vertical image and square)

(a very simple can choose another color and create your own message...includes two square images--great for two children)

(this one would be great like this with two children or a different images of three children...sometimes their best images is their separate images...often it is next to impossible to get two or more with their best expressions at the same time)

(as you can see these are basicly the same card with different colors...I can match this to the subjects clothing...that's what I did in these two samples...because of the narrow horizontal crop this may not work on all images, but it has a unique appeal)

(two images...will only work with two narrow vertical images)

(different in style and color...different is often fun...again 3 square images)

[Okay, I am not superstitious, but I thought it sort of ironical to have the crying baby in the card that is numbered #13. This is for the less than perfect baby session. Over the years, I could probably use several baby sessions to fit this one. Also another squre image...I don't think is that much more than a regular stamp, but I found this out after mailing 5x5 wedding invitations.]

Card_14h (horizontal)
(all horizontal images)
Card_14v (vertical)
(next one...all vertical images)

[The above two and the next one would also be great to use from other portrait sessions previously done and on file.]


Card_18b (LSU version)
Card_19a (horizontal)
[These two are one of my favs from last year. I almost didn't include them, but since I am using the all white background this year I think these will be perfect for someone...especially someone wearing pink (by the way...Natalie's holiday dress is pink this year) or other pastel tones.]
Card_19b (verical)

[The signing message on the green one doesn't seem to show up well here. You can click on any of these to view them larger. I used the medium size for this post since I had so many. Small seemed to small. I initial is suppose to be the family's last name if you can read this you will see the last name is Cotton. I did the LSU card first and I forgot to chance. Someone (my daughter) quickly pointed it out to me when I was showing them to her, but FYI this will be your monogram of your last name...or whatever!]

Card_20b (LSU version)
[I felt like I needed more vertical images since I tend to shoot more vertical in my studio and for sessions like this because I don't have lots of shooting width. So I converted one of my birth annoucements to this. Already a mommy as told me she is loving this one. So I guess that was good move on my part, huh?]

These are this year's Christmas Packages and Christmas Cards. I picked a few of my favorites from last year and a variety of styles that is sure to compliment your Christmas Portraits.
Click on "Christmas Cards" above in blue for the pricing for the year's cards. They are the same as last year's.
(The above link should answer most any question about the upcoming session.)
If you have additional questions, plcase call or email me.

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