Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Winter Wonderland Christmas Portraits...

November 13th through November 15th, 2008
Thursday through Saturday

Jami Ainsworth Portraits (Home/Studio) at Frogmore

All Packages are exactly the same as last year.
Call Holly to schedule your sessions. She will have the only schedule.
601-445-4682 (home)
601-807-1434 (cell)
  • November "just babies" promotion is being combined with the holiday promotion. Since we have Thanksgiving this month and Christmas just around the corner, I thought it best to combine the two.
  • So you have three options: regular baby portraits along with some "Santa baby" props (I have great ideas for this, you can just do regular portraits or just Christmas portraits.
  • This years theme is Winter think all white. Anything should match, but soft tones will look especially nice this year if you have more than one outfit to choose from.
  • Click here to view last year's prices which are the same as this year.
  • I will post an updated version of last year's FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS soon.
  • I will also post the Christmas Card choice for this year soon too. So stay tuned for additional information.

If you are looking for your portraits or preview images, please allow a few additional days. I am having some major computer problems that I must get worked out so that I can work on anything. I wanted to get this posted before I schedule computer maintenance.

So stay tuned. I should post additional information on this later today or tomorrow. The holidays are slipping upon so we have to jump on this before it is too late.


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