Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is this my TUTU BABY?

While my son was doing some work on my computer earlier tonight for me, I flipped through a catalog that came in my recent order from HANNA ANDERSSON. I loved their hats when Natalie was smaller. Their clothing is quite expensive, but I found a sale. Yay! Anyway, when I was flipping through the pages, I couldn't believe my eyes when I say this image of this baby girl. She favors Baylee so much...she could be her sister. Click HERE to see the catalog. I could do a link to the exact page, but you can flip these pages online too. Go to pages 80-81. Yes, almost the end of the book. I wished I could copy the photo to show you, but check it out! You, too, will think they it looks like my little tutu baby has started her career in modeling.

Let me know if you agree. I showed my son who had just looked at the images he, too, was amazed at the resemblance of this.

So let me here your comments on this one!

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