Thursday, November 27, 2008


Okay, I don't have any Thanksgiving portraits to post, but I am thankful for so many things...of course, all the obvious things God, family and friends, that God provides mine and my family's needs. At this moment, I think I am the most Thankful for the holiday THANKSGIVING because I am looking forward to a few days off. I will leave here about 2 hours to go out-of-town to visit family. I won't be returning until the end of the weekend. SO I AM MOST THANKFUL FOR A FEW DAYS OFF FOR REST AND VISITING WITH MY FAMILY.

If you are looking for images to view, orders, etc., please hang on. I have a few newborn sessions when I come back, a Last Minute Christmas Session date (12.06.08) and lots of catching up to do. I won't be scheduling any new sessions other than those. I will concentrate on getting all done and caught just in time for gift giving.



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