Thursday, March 5, 2009

ANOTHER NEWBORN BOY: DOUGLAS (and yes, I am still backtracking)

ABOVE IMAGE: BY FAR IS MY FAVORITE IMAGE FROM THIS SESSION, ESPECIALLY WITH THIS TIGHT SQUARE CROP! eyes must be playing drinks because of how late it is (11:40 pm) because I had to go to Preview to make sure it was a square!

This is a second child session...meaning I photographed his older sibling (sister) less than 2 years ago. I used to try to duplicate the session...well, I learned the hard way [ Is there any other way to learn a lesson?] that is pretty much impossible. My goal is to try to get one or two images similiar to the other sib. There was a similiar image like this of Julia from her newborn session. I will try to go to my older files and find it and then post this one's fun to compare. I usually think they look just like the older sibling and then once I get them side-by-side, I realize they have as many different features as like. But not on this one, I actually think he has his on look...maybe it's his masculine BOY LOOK!

Second children are very special, but often don't get the hand-knitted blanket that the FIRST CHILD had....okay...I know from personal experience. Disclaimer: You (we) are busy being parents and spouses...who has time for kniting (or even crocheting)!
" Okay, Douglas maybe it's not handmade, but it's precious and so are you!"

I try to always get this has become one of my newborn signature images. Besides Douglas being a 2nd child and all (sharing his time w/older sibs), he was also dealing with some tummy troubles. I don't think we got any really great images of him curled up on his tummy! But you have to admit...this is just as priceless!

The beautiful big sister, Julia!
This image was actully captured a few weeks earlier to during my holiday sessions, but we knew it would be good to save some of these to include in their Holiday Birth Annoucements. She was exceptionally cooperative (for a Toddler) that day...not so much on this day! Who could blame her, after all, she is coping with sharing her parents with this helpless little infant!

We tried very hard for a sweet image of the two together for the Holiday greeting. It is really hard to bribe (I mean reward) a child this young enough to get what you (we) really want. But I was pleased with this one enough...I am thinking it made their card/annoucement!

Santa Baby...

Another future tiger! Can't have enough of those in Louisiana, huh?
Stay tuned more to come very soon!

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