Wednesday, March 11, 2009


SHE TURNED ONE-YEAR OLD THE DAY I PHOTOGRAPHED THESE! I am still backtracking a little. These were finished and available for her parents to see before the Christmas (even though I photographed the session late Oct...I think). I had these ready and wanted to share a few new images along with some additional info. But first the images.
I don't remember what was so funny...but Little Miss S thought it was hillarious as you can see in the profile! What a laugh!

All posed like a "little lady"...

Sweet face...I can see both her parents that I met a year earlier in this photos:

Babies always want to eat the beads!
These are just a few of my favs from the sweet little girl's traditional one-year portraits. I also photographed her eating a beautiful birthday cake. I will try to post a few of those at a later date. She was MY FIRST SURROGATE BABY! Okay, to date she is still my only surrogate baby (as far as I know).
I will try to post Me Being Brutally Honest, Part 2 soon. If you missed the original post, click HERE. I am still not feeling well and I still having difficulties focusing. I am trying to make today a productive day. I am also going to call the eye doctor. I am beginning to wonder if the focusing issues that I am having are very real...not just mental. Later yesterday and today, I am really noticing that I am doing some serious concentrating to read the text on the computer screen! I so want/need to get to the bottom of all of this. If you pray, please, please pray for me. I sooooo want to feel better and so need to catch up, but I can't even begin to get a grasp on things until I can.
Thanks for being my blog-friend, client-friend...just thanks for being my friend. And I am thanking you in advance for praying for me.
To Casey: I am sorry...I am guessing when you read the title, you thought it was Avery. If I can get my game on today and won't be much longer. I KNOW you can and will pray for me! Thanks, I love ya, girl!

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