Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since I recently posted the NOW image here along with other favs from the session and I knew it was about year ago that I photographed Little Miss Addy the first time, how perfect. She was born right around Christmas so it was just a little too hectic for her mommy to get her in here within that perfect window for the ideal age for newborn portraits. So I met Addy about 2 months later. She did some serious growing her first two months of life. Check it out:
Is it amazing how much babies grow and change in a year?

In continued efforts of trying to keep my blogs updated much more often, I am trying to continue with special themes such as this one THEN AND NOW THURSDAY. If you missed last week's them, click HERE. I am using other themes too between this blog and my other two such as Not Me Monday, Too-Cute Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Way Back Whenesday, Wordy Wednesday, of course's today's Then and Now Thursday and I've also done Terrific Thursday and Flashback Friday. Some of these are my original ideas and some are others, but I am sure the origianls are still not totally originals since they were influenced by others ideas, a nice fun way to share more images and info in the blog world! If you have any additional theme ideas, please let me know...I have thought of a few others, but the only one I can think of at this moment is Freaky Friday...which I have not done yet. If they right images for this theme pops up in my mind at the same time, I will do that it one week too!

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Cristi said...

Kaleighs Blog, has Thoughtful Thursday, which you are suppose to do something thoughtful for someone else, (tell the about Kaleighs story, which is where the Thoughtful Thursday idea came from) then then blog on Thursday about what thoughtful thing you did. Encourages us all to get out there and do something for someone else. I did something this week, but didnt tell them about Kaleighs blog, so I didnt blog about it. But the thoughtfulness came through, thats the important part.