Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay, this is really just a FYI post, but I really hate having posts without photographs. I am so visually-oriented and I assume that you too want to see images because after all this is a photograhy would expect to see photograph when coming here. Right?

Yes, I chose images of MY LITTLE SWEETHEART...I considered client images, but I like to post them in as favs from the session thus posting several at one time. I will get to the order of business ASAP. But first I will share the background behind these images. My regular blog followers (have seen all or most of these). I do have three blogs. What can I say?

FIRST IMAGE: This wasn't even a favorite until I put it on facebook and a facebook friend (someone from past...okay childhood) made the cutest commet on it. She posted, "I know what she's thinking's here, 'Don't hate me because I am beautiful'." Of course, I know she was telling some drama story or answering a question in dramatic fashion. She really is a Drama Queen, but in a good way!

NEXT IMAGE (2nd): She was running to me. These running images show her enthusiam. She is such an enthusiastic child/person. I pray that she never loses this zest for life!

LAST IMAGE (3rd): Okay, I won't torture you with too many images of Natalie. What can I say about this one except beautiful...okay...I know I am just a little on the biased side, but who can deny that she is just naturally beautiful! And what a blessing has been in our lives! Who ever knew becoming a grandparent before turning 40 could bring so much joy into ones life!
Okay...on to the matters at hand...BRUTAL HONESTY! I first want to apologize to those who have logged on the this blog more than usual this week looking for their images. I really didn't lie (not on purpose) last week when I said I would have those 3 babies girls finished and online this week. Then let me apologize to those who have waited "way to long" to get images that they have ordered. Next I want to apologize for those who have asked for information for a session or something along that line. TO ALL OF YOU I AM VERY SORRY!
Now to the excuses: I have been sick now it seem for over 6 weeks. I have had really bad headaches, ear pain (pressure), and TMJ...since yesterday, a sore throat on top of all of this. During this time: I have been to ENT (ear, nose & throat) twice, I have had CT scan, I have had been to the densist (an expensive visit) and then to my family MD. I took this year (fall 2008 through summer of 2009) to take a partial sabbatical to re-group, re-organize, catch up on tons of paper work and even taxes that I have been gotten behind on...and most of you know this. Thus this is why I have been doing the regular promos, etc. I have decided if I can't accomplish this goal by the summer, I will do it again next year. Okay, I didn't mean to get into all of that. Why can't I ever be concise...say I need to say w/o going on and on.
I will finish this post later...after lunch or this afternoon. I don't think I said all that I wanted to say...but for now please know that I am sorry and that I desire your prayers to get me through this rough spot in my business life and personal life. I wanted to post this a.m....I want to last night, but I ended up running out of time. I have a session this a.m. and I need to finish preparing for that!

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Avery's Mommy said...

no problem...

the pictures are always worth the wait and we'll have them forever anyway :)