Friday, March 27, 2009


There you have it, a beautiful professional image from the past. This is Natalie, yes, my Little Sweetheart, Natalie. She is approximately 3 wks old in this image. A tad old for the typical newborn portraits like this. As a newborn Natalie was one of those extremely laid back newborns, but it seemed each time we started her sessions, she would turn into the opposite baby...the opposite of whatever we were trying to capture. You know how it is..when we wanted her awake, she wanted to be asleep and vice versus as well. I took some of her at 5 days and then around 2-3 week mark we did two other sessions to finally capture the images that I desired for her newborn session. I never even made newborn session slideshow of her like I used to do for all my other newborns. I do intend to still create some kind of digital newborn album. After all, I have these images forever!

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Cristi said...

That is so precious. I miss not having those photos of Avery. Its beautiful.