Monday, March 16, 2009



Yes, "E" is for Emily!
[and yes, she and her family are Southern Miss fans.]

I love the expression on Baby Emily's face in this one and the way her little foot is on top of the other one.

She looks pretty in blue with those big blue eyes!

My very favorite kind of expressions...SORT OF SMURKY!

Isn't she a doll baby?

And the best place in the world...leaning on mommy's shoulder!

Are they a beautiful pair?

And pretty in pink again in a softer pastel tone....

I still have lots of work to do today. I was going to work on this for a bit and then I was going to spend the rest of the day getting organized--mapping out a plan for the week. Well, one thing led to another and I decided to try to finish editing this session and then do the rest.

I still have a few mores sessions to be caught up and lots of other work to do, but it feels good to finish something today. Often I work on many things or start on many new products, but I have the darndest time finishing...I have recently diagonsed myself with ADULT A.D.D...(I think I have it really bad...especially since I've been sick this winter). I am also doing my own research of things to do to help me stay focused. And it will take a serious effort on my part, but I can do you hear me convincing myself. Sometimes we all have to convince ourself that we can accomplish things that seem virtually impossible.
I still covet your prayers on so many different aspects in my life!
Thanks for viewing my favs of Baby Emily and her mommy, LeAnn!.
Casey, if you are checking this, I am working in order. Avery's is next...if nothing goes wrong, I should have something available to be viewed tomorrow or the next day.


Cristi said...

I cant wait. I will check back tomorrow.

Laney said...

Jami - The pictures of our Baby Em are gorgeous! You did such a great job with our little "Fussy Pants."