Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NEWBORN: SILAS (still backtracking)

SILAS, 2 wks (I think)
This is a different kind of collage than I normally do that I thought I would try with Silas' images! I have reposted a larger view of some of the same images...obviously, my favs were used in the collage.
I love his hand placement on his mouth and don't you just adore those dimples!

Again, as I have stated before, in Louisiana, we start training our young ones the way of "the tiger" very early in life!

Love those sleeping smiles...

cuddled in daddy's arms...

beautiful mommy--beautiful baby boy!

I just love this little guy!
One day I really am going to catch up, but for now here's something new [well, there still new to your eyesy!] to feast your eyes on. He really is delicious looking, isn't he. Couldn't you just eat this little baby face?

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