Tuesday, March 17, 2009


...well, you definitely can if you are one-year old!

"miss january"

As you might suspect these images are from the 2nd half of Little Miss Avery's One-Year Portrait Session/Birthday Cake Session!

She wasn't in the greatest of moods for her session. I think she didn't finish her morning nap...so could you blame her for being just a little cranky. A girl's gotta have her sleep!

But when we got the cake out...she dug in...still not all smiles, but totally enjoying her cake!

She wasn't paying attention to me (photographer) or anyone else by this time. She loved this cake. It wasn't her first time to have cake....often the first time an almost one-year old has cake for the first time it is here...during their birthday cake session. Because of schedules and illnesses, Avery's party came first. So she knew she liked cake!

Collages and storyboards are a great way to display the images from a birthday cake session. This is one of the collages that I made with some of Avery's images.
I am down to two more sessions, but still lots of other work. I wanted to get this blogged and online for Avery's mommy and Nonna to see!

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Cristi said...

I know you worked hard! These are so sweet. Maybe next time she will be happier. I hope so. LOL Do you want me to order through the website or e mail you. Thanks!