Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BABY MENA (just over 2 years ago)

This is Baby Mena (photographed 11/2005)
In reference to the post made just before this one titled, LILA AND HER FAMILY. This is her older sister that I photographed in November 2005. I think she is about 6 weeks old here...not a real "new" newborn, but newer than Baby Lila. Do see the resemblances that I saw?
I thought I would include a few from Mena's session. I had to go to my permanent files to find these. So far I have only deleted a few sessions from my hard drives and I guess this happened to be one of them (It was probably an accident.). After I get a new website, I intend to delete most all files after a few months from the session date. I really need my hard drive space, but at this time I hate to do it because I like keeping the files that the client ordered because they have already been cropped and retouched. So on the case of these images, these are from the Edited CD file not the retouched files. I did do some minimum cropping and such to use them now, but not the normal retouching for a portrait print.
Mena and her mommy...

another one... when there were just three...
Mena is younger than Lila, but I think they favor each a lot...

The above image of Mena is the one that stood out in my mind because I had some business cards made with that particular image. I recently ran across some of them in my jacket. So it was it was fresh on my mind.
I must include a sleeping image of Mena too.

This is Lila and Mena's cousin, Landry.

again...(what a handsome toddler)

This session was a surprize for the grandmother of these children (aka the mom of these two moms). As you can see not the easiest group to photograph, but what grandmother wouldn't love it...with both her children and all four of her grandchildren. I love any image with my babies in it!
So this was just a little from Mena's session. Kids grow up so quickly as these images from just over two years ago really show. ~~jami~~

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