Thursday, March 27, 2008


THIS IS BRITTANY, "MY OTHER DAUGHTER". I did most of her senior portraits yesterday. What a beautiful day it was!
While I am still so behind bescause I have done so many new sessions and I have many more over the next few days, I had to open a few of these. My husband and I have always loved Wisteria blooming. It is sort of like the has such a short time of blooming that you don't really get to enjoy them long enough. So now we will get to enjoy them a little longer with a beautiful portrait of our B (as Randy often calls her). We love you, Brittany and we think you are beautiful inside and out.
Brittany was easy and fun to shoot. She has been a part of my family for a while now thus she has been around my photography for a while and had quite the photography eye herself. She has even assited me with some weddings and such. She's like my daughter easy to pose and only required miminum tweaking from me. So we had a fun session.
I am burning CDs (yes that's plural) to give them to her so that she can help with some of the editing so we can get her wallets ordered for her invitations. We will do the rest later. We still have to finish editing engagement images and do the bridal portraits. (oh my! it is all gettting really close now!)
I am getting off. I still have my hair in towel and I need to leave here in about 20 minutes or so for my day of three sessions. ~~jami~~

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