Monday, March 17, 2008


CAMERON, BRITTANY AND NATALIE'S ENGAGEMENT SESSION Okay, I skipped a few sessions in my posting order (I promise I will come back to them). I have a birthday session that am looking forward to posting. But I did these this evening. The above images is my favorite traditional image of the two of may be the one that goes in the news paper (or at least the invitation). I am sure it needs some more work on it, but these are a few images that jumped out at me and I just wanted to post a few to have something new on the blog. I have new blog counter and I am seeing lots of hits on a daily to those inquirying minds who want to know what's going on...this is what I did today (March 16, 2008). I will use these images along with the ones that I did on the LSU campus back in November for an engagement session album and to create their wedding invitation. This was a much better session than the last one...I did get more good ones this time with Natalie (not as many as I had wanted), the lighting was so much better and it didn't rain on us this time. (LOL)
The above image was my favorite traditional engagement image (at first glance).
And at first glace...this next one is my favorite "relationship" image. I love capturing "real emotion and real expressions".
This next one is my favorite traditional image of all three.

I love the holding hands poses with children. So you gotta know I love really love this one since my little sweetheart is the one holding hands with her mommy and daddy.

That's it for now. I did pick out a few other images for Natalie's blog. If you would like to see them:

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