Thursday, March 13, 2008


My friend, Cristi, and her family portrait These portraits were done during the middle of the madness, December 1st. I am planning to deliver their final prints today so I thought I would post the portraits that was ordered from Cristi and her daughter, Casey. The above image is the wall portrait that Cristi chose.
This is an image that I think captured the real personality and humor of this family. Don't you just love to see real life captured!
The traditional image from this group of images...
I simply call this one "ANTICIPATION" (anticipating the bundle of joy that would soon arrive)
Again a traditional image from this group of images. I think Casey is about 5 or 6 month pregnant here. Baby Avery arrived just over month after these were taken weighing just over 2 pounds. She has been quite the little miracle baby at over 3 lbs and 13 oz as of March 12, 2008. She has been slow to start gaining, but I am so pleased to hear that she is finally gaining and progressing. Praise the Lord. Sometimes I think He has to give us little Miracles like this so that we know that he is still in control and that He is the Healer and the Miracle worker. I am looking forward to photographing Baby Avery, but I guess I will have to wait until she gets home and spoiled by our parents and grandparent (not just the nurses...LOL because I know they can't resist her either).
These are the proud new grandparents! Don't look grandparents, uh? This is what I tell people when I am told that...I finally came up with a good one: "I chose when I became a parent, but one doesn't get a choice of when they become grandparents!" But this I know from very personal experience...any time is the PERFECT TIME...a time to experience a new kind of love, a love that only a "grand" mother can describe.
This is the business card created from this session.
That's it for now. ~~jami~~

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Casey Reeves said...


I am so excited to see these pictures. The picture of us laughing is SO authentic. I can't stress how much that is the perfect image of our family. It is the same face I've seen a thousand times on everyone's faces when Charlie says something crazy (which I'm sure was the case). Thank you for capturing those images that will always be so special, because they are so genuine. We just cannot wait to bring Avery as soon as possible!